Fascinating Facts about Solar Power – Alternative Energy

The methods of producing energy are improving ever since the first bulb lighted up, but the pace of improvement is much faster now, thanks to the advanced technology. Initially, it was all about producing power by any mean possible but now it is about the production of power without spending too much resource. There are several alternative ways of producing power cost effectively; solar power – alternative energy.

Solar Power

How Solar Power is Generated

As the name is suggesting, solar power is generated from the sun radiations. Sun is the biggest source of energy and the fascinating things are that it is totally free. The main thing is to convert the radiations of the sun into such form that can be used to operate different gadgets. Since lots of our equipment are based on electricity, therefore, the main objective of engineers is to convert the biggest free source of power into electricity. Conversion of solar energy into electric energy is not a simple task. There are lots of small and big machines and structures involved in this whole process. The main item in the entire process is the solar panel. The solar panel is a sheet of semiconducting material like silicon and germanium. These semiconductors allow electrons to pass through them only when their temperature rises to a certain level. When these panels are exposed to sunlight, their temperature increase and current starts to flow through them. This electric energy is then stored in the batteries and can be used anytime when needed. Solar power can also be used directly without storing. .

Benefits of Solar Power

There are lots of benefits of solar power – alternative energy. Its biggest advantage is that its operation cost is very low. The maintenance of solar power plants is way easier than the hydro or diesel power plant. Diesel or coal power plants that involve burning of some kind of fuel produce toxic and hazardous smoke and pollute the environment. These plants can’t operate in populated areas. Solar power plants are free from such hazardous effects. It is a very clean way of producing energy. Moreover, hydropower plants are built only on those sites where water is abundant and can be stored in the dam. The solar power plant can be built anywhere with proper sunlight. Solar panels can even be installed in homes for domestic use. It is portable and very effective to provide electricity to remote areas. In mountains, it is very difficult to take electric wires from nearby cities, therefore, solar power plants are best for those areas.

Though solar power has all these benefits but its manufacturing and installation cost is slightly higher, which is the biggest barrier in the success of solar power. Different companies are trying their best to reduce the manufacturing cost of the solar panels. This technology has the potential to make industries and people independent as it provides them very good opportunity to generate their own electricity.