Be watchful of the risks associated with Erectile Dysfunction:

A very common that men face these days is inability to have proper erections and even if they have, they cannot hold it on for long enough. As a consequence the sexual process of the human body is adversely affected. Not only that, the life and relationships of a person is deeply disturbed due to this one health disorder. It affects their ability to build strong emotional and physical relationship with the opposite sex. A person suffering from erectile dysfunction also feel emotionally disturbed leading to stress, anxiety, depression, demoralization and distress.

Erectile Dysfunction

It can be treated:

These days a number of treatments are available for curing this problem. When you visit a doctor the best treatment for your particular problem will be diagnosed. But just for informational purposes you can log on to and get the relevant details about ED. The doctors may advise you a pill or tablet. Alternatively you might be asked to quit smoking, perform regular exercise, and take up a sport or many other such non medicated treatments.

Doctor consultation is a must:

The erectile dysfunction in a man does not happen without any reason. When it starts to show its symptoms, be watchful for a proper identification. This disorder may be caused by a number of factors which may be physical or psychological. There could even be a combination of these two together that hampers your ability to perform sexual intercourse. So, you not only need to identify the symptom that you are having but also look around your life and figure out what might be causing the problem. The next step should be consultation with a professional doctor. No need to be shy or embarrassed. Just fix an appointment with a good doctor and feel free to relate your problem to him.

Risk factors:

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem of aging. At older ages the ability to perform sexually diminishing over time. But if you are young and healthy, it is always better to get the problem checked medically as there are a number of risks that may be associated with it.

Some of these underlying risks of erectile dysfunction are:

  • Medical disorders that might be developing in your body and you are unaware of them. These may include diabetes and heart problems
  • Using too much tobacco or its product may be causing restrictions in blood flow. As a consequence the blood vessels performance is limited
  • You might be crossing the healthy limit of gaining weight. This could be a sign of obesity.
  • If you have undertaken any medical surgical procedure it could have hampered your sexual function. Examples of such procedures could be surgeries like prostate or therapies in cancer treatments.
  • Any injury that you might have suffered in the recent past and that led to nerve or blood vessel damage
  • Erectile dysfunction could be indicating a side effect of a mediation that you may be taking for other health or mental disorder.
  • You are beyond the normal limit for depression and anxiety
  • You are overly using drugs and alcoholic drinks

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