How to Choose a Great Twin Gear Juicer

Are you in need of answers while looking for a great quality juicer? Keep reading, the information that we’ve gathered will surely help you make up your mind. Choosing a quality juicer takes time and sometimes you need to sacrifice a few bucks to test a few types before you find the right one, but this guide is supposed to help you choose smarter.

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A Twin Gear Juicer Is The Way To Go! But Why?

The overwhelming number of options will have even the most technologically savvy scratching their heads. Centrifugal, Horizontal, Vertical, Twin Gear, Col Press… how and why is there such a great range of machines to choose from?

What you have to know is that not all juicers are the same and it all comes down to the amount of juice they’re able to produce from your ingredients and more importantly, the quality of the final product that will end up in your glass.

If you’re looking for the best type there is, definitely consider investing in a Twin Gear Juicer. Compared to the regular types of juicers that you have been probably conditioned to use, these are famous on this market because of the following facts:

  • These juicers are renowned for producing high-quality juice that is full of nutrients.
  • They are able to make little to no oxidation of the juice for low speeds.
  • Low speeds which equate decreased noise levels.
  • You can juice leafy greens and juicy vegetables without any problem.

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What About The Benefits Of Juicing With Triturating Juicers?

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Juicing is a great alternative to full meals, if done correctly. The fresh fruit and even vegetables in the case of triturating juicers will provide the micro- and macronutrients in a liquid form that is guaranteed to quickly be absorbed and not load up your gastrointestinal system. This boosts up your metabolism and raises your energy levels without the common post-meal sluggishness, tiredness. All of this in the quickest amount of time. How about that for convenience?

We know this may sound too good to be true so here are more sources that endorse the adoption of a juice extractor in our day to day lives in the form of triturating juicers.

Things To Look At When Choosing a Twin Gear Juicer

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  • Versatile – it has to be able to juice many types of produce including wheatgrass, alfalfa sprouts, leafy greens, fibrous veggies (ginger, celery), apples and other fruits with much ease.
  • The pressure of the interlocking gears has to be high.
  • Should produce a dry pulp and high juice yield.
  • It should be turned into a bread stick, pasta, rice cookie maker, grinder, mincer.
  • Should be fairly silent due to the extremely low speed of the juicing process (triturating).

Furthermore, because of its unique capacity of producing juice from almost all types of fruits, vegetable, nuts, the twin gear juicer could be used, through specific recipes and proper nutritionist guidance, to special types of juice extracts such as nuts, vegetables and even the most unimaginable type of fruit.


Although the market is saturated with juicers that produce the final product through plenty of different mechanisms, if it is quality that you are looking for, you can achieve it without the loss of important elements previously mentioned, all of these through the form of a twin gear juicer.

Wood Pellet Grill Reviews for Backyard BBQ

Like many other BBQ enthusiasts, you would also love to arrange a BBQ party in your backyard. You would love to invite your friends and family over for a grand BBQ party. It will all go as planned only if you have an excellent wood pellet grill to prepare the BBQ. Therefore, it is important that you should read a few Wood Pellet Grill reviews before you buy a BBQ grill. You will only embrace yourself if you bought a BBQ grill which does not work properly, or you do not know how to operate it. There are so many grills which you can buy, but the best ones are the pellet grills. But before you go crazy about these machines, make sure that the grill you bought is an excellent choice for the backyard BBQing. Know that these grills are not only used for BBQ but also to bake, smoke, braise, and roast.

Wood pellet grill reviews

Understand Grilling With Wood Pellet Grill Reviews

The best reviews which you will find online do not just tell you about the best brands. But these reviews explain in detail each and everything function of the grill. Reading these reviews, you not only get to know which product you should buy but also get a proper insight into the different grilling strategies. The primary purpose of these pellet grill reviews is to give you an idea of the different brands. The secondary objective of these reviews is to make sure that you choose the grill for your specific needs. Not all brands of pellet grills are excellent for backyard BBQ. So, the review you read should have information related to specific needs. Only then you will buy the best. Once you understand the grilling techniques, you will know which smoker grill to choose.

Wood Pellet Grill Reviews Cover all aspects of grilling

Another thing which you should look put for in a pellet grill review is, does it cover all aspects of grilling? The reviews you read must include the mechanism, the working, the price, the reliability, and the usability of the pellet grills. If you read a review which does not cover all these aspects of grilling, it will be useless to read such a review. It is why you must search the web for a good source of reviews. The grills you buy must be easy to operate. Read the reviews which give you information on the ease of use.

After reading the review, you should be able to know the difference between different brands. For example, if you read a review about Traeder Junior Elite grill and Yoder Smoke, you should tell the difference between them and their usage. The reviews should be very well written. It is why you must search the web for the trusted Wood pellet grill reviews. These reviews cover all aspects of different grilling machines so that you can have a better understanding and make the choice quickly. Reading these pellet grill reviews will give you a better understanding of the products which are suitable for backyard BBQ and which are not.

5 Ways To Enjoy Nutella

Nutella is a form of chocolate-hazelnut spread with a sweet flavor. It is like a peanut butter. You can create a lot of wonderful treats and surprises for your kids or family through it. That’s why you have to learn some techniques on how to enjoy it.

Nutella can be enjoyed in so many ways. There are a lot of recipes that you can make to create a delicious and nutritious treat. This finger licking good bottle of jar can make simple delights in less than a few minutes. Here are some unique ways on how to make nutella delicacies.

  1. Nutella Pancake Balls

These delectable pancake balls are a treat with great taste. Your kids will really love these Nutella-based pancake balls. Just follow your simple pancake recipe and put a drop of nutella spreadat the center of the batter.

On a skillet, add some more batter to cover the filling and cook the usual way. You can serve this treat with apples on the side, or you can try other variations like choco chips or other fruits for a healthier treat.

  1. Nutella Milkshakes

Nutella milkshakes are easy to prepare. Just combine the almond milk, nutella, yogurt, ice cream, and bananas into a blender. Mix them thoroughly till well blended. If you want your milkshake to taste sweeter and milkier, add more nutella.

For a frosty cold milkshake, you can also add much ice. Pour the mixture on a glass and cut a piece of fruit and put it on top of your milkshake for a more adorable delight. This is very delicious and yummy and makes a perfect dessert to pizza! Click here for the best Neapolitan pizza in OC!

  1. Nutella Cookies

To make the best ever nutella cookies, the first thing you have to do is to mix all the ingredients in a bowl until the dough creates a thick paste. The ingredients you will need are a cup of flour, egg and nutella. Chill after mixing and bake the cookies for 10 minutes. Allow the cookies to cool before serving. Kids will definitely love its soft and chocolatey goodness.

  1. Nutella Hot Choco

This recipe is very easy to prepare. Just mix nutella and milk together in a saucepan until they become foamy. Pour the mixture in a mug and add anything on top of it. You can put marshmallows, cinnamon or whipped cream for a more delicious treat. You can enjoy your hot choco especially during winter time.

  1. Nutella Sandwich

For a more exciting sandwich treat, spread nutella on one side of the bread and add sliced fruits like strawberries and bananas. You can also try putting choco chips on the other side of the bread. Then, stick it with nutella spread. Take a big bite and enjoy the taste of this delightful sandwich recipe.

This amazing nutella spread can do a lot of delectable treats which your kids, your entire family can enjoy. Just be creative and you will be able to prepare a lot of nutritious foods that are truly perfect for breakfast and snacks.