Getting More Super Victor, Mascot of Euro 2016

The existence of a mascot in a grand event of the Games has become a liability, not to miss the European Cup in 2016 which uses icons Super Victor. The use of the mascot has been started since the convening of Euro 1980 with Italy as the host. Saar was, Pinocchio which is a legend that has been worldwide selected as a mascot. Now the mascot has been rapidly advancing the development, of which only the figure in the legend, to which represents a hope.

Mascot Super Victor takes the form of a child wearing a costume of the French national team. The number 16 stamped on his chest as a symbol of the organization of the European Cup. Not only that, the costume still added a red cape on his back, like the color of the French flag. This mascot first appeared in the French match against Sweden at the Stade Velodrome, Marseille on November 18, 2014. The new name was pinned on 30 November 2014 after defeating other names such as Driblou or Goalix, with the highest vote total 51 781 107 790 votes from a total electorate incoming to the official UEFA website.

European Cup in 2016

Zebran, design agency in Lyon started designing Super Victor since 2013, while for the manufacture of costume, UEFA took a British company, Rainbow Productions who also designed the costumes mascot Kinas (Euro 2004), Trix and Flix (2008), as well as Slavek and Slavko (2012). The aim is to attract young fans with characters and scenarios that are familiar and bring meaning to football fans, but it still has very strong cultural ties to France.

The name Super Victor is inspired from the word victory, which means victory, and super refers to the special powers it has. Even the mascot was created with an accompanying story. Before getting miraculous powers, Super Victor described as a regular kid who was born in a small town in France. His father was also a football player, so from childhood Super Victor loves to play ball with his friends. Super Victor continues to develop the ability to learn, but do not forget the fun and justice forward when playing football.

Until one day, he accidentally discovered a mysterious ancient crate in the grass football field near his home. When the coffin was opened, in which there are three magical objects that contain red robe, soccer shoes in a modern style, and the balls of UEFA EURO 2016. Furthermore, all the objects that revolve around him and suddenly he was able to do many things.

official mascot of the 2016 European Cup

Red robes worn can take him to fly high into the sky and around the world at high speed, so the Super Victor can play with friends across France in just one day. Then the magic shoes provide the ability to create new football tricks. As for the UEFA Euro 2016 ball, never failed to engage others in a ball game. Super Victor can now invite everyone to play together and have fun like no other.

As the official mascot of the 2016 European Cup, UEFA Super Victor called half children, half superhero, a mission made to make all football supporters around the world happy and celebrate the true art of football. Although lucky to get a super power, but Super Victor did not want to keep them alone and wanted to share the gift to the world. That is the reason behind the Super Victor around France and around the world, to bring pleasure and happiness to everyone, regardless of country of origin and background.


Enjoy your Nick Jr. Free Games with Blues Clues

Nick Jr. games are the unblocked games affiliated with the TV shows that are broadcasted on Nick Junior. Nick Junior is a segment of Nickelodeon that is specially made for the children of very little age, mostly those who are in the state of learning and observing. Nickelodeon is a very old tv channel that has many tv shows adored by the kids of every age. Those TV shows are so old that even the parents have once watched them too. These TV shows are still running on the tv with new episodes, new stories and some new characters as well.

nick junior game

Blues Clues

Blue’s clues is a very famous television show that is aired on Nick Junior. Kids love this cartoon as it has very interesting colors and adventures. It enhances the ability of your child in thinking, observing, matching and linking different clues to different things.

  • Doodle Doodle

Doodle Doodle is a game connected to Blue’s Clues. In this game a kid is required to use and develop his aesthetic sense. It’s easy to play and it has a very attractive music played in background that does not let the kids get bored. In this game, you have two options; either you can draw a doodle and color it or you can guess the doodle. While guessing, you are provided different shapes and objects and the board in this game starts sketching line by line and after every line it asks you to guess the object. In this manner you think critically and observe and end up guessing it. This sharpens the mind. On the other hand you are given a shape or something and you draw it and color it. Games like these create interest in kid’s minds and let them think creatively and critically.

  • Blue’s Mix and Match Dress Up

This is a very interesting nick junior game of Blue’s Clues. This game is mostly loved by kids and most kids’ favorite as well. This game also has two parts. One is the Mix Mode and the other is the Match Mode. It enhances and sharpens your creative thinking ability and makes you able to relate and link the things. In the Mix Mode you have your Blue standing in his room with his wardrobe opened and having all the dresses and accessories present beside him. You have to look at the dresses and make a good unique match and make blue ready for a party. And in the Match Mode you have Pink Blue standing in her room. These unblocked games are tricky as in it you have to choose a wear which matches to the given wear. Suppose you are given a shirt that is wore by Pink and has an icon of cookie on it now you have to choose some wear from the wardrobe that has exactly that cookie made on it. In this manner, the kid thinks and makes link between things that sharpens his mind.