How To Create A Beautiful Garden With Just Three Rows

It can be fun to landscape your garden, especially if you like being outside and have a very imaginative mind, this can be an incredibly satisfying hobby.

You should note that outdoor areas are often the first things that people notice when visiting your home, and any time that you spend arranging shrubs and flowers can increase the overall beauty and appeal of your garden. When people talk about your home in a positive way, this can be a good thing, and keeping an eye-catching and well-maintained garden is always a great way to set your property apart from others within the area.

landscape your garden

The best way to layer landscaped areas is by determining exactly which types of plants you want to have in your garden before getting started. You can do this by making a sketch of how you want the space to look when it’s finished given that an advanced drawing can help you avoid a number of common mistakes such as hiding short plants behind plants that are much taller. You’ll invariably have far more success in your landscaping designs if you take the time to map out your goals for the finished look even though the nature and appearance of the space will largely be determined by the various plants and flowers you want to add.

It’s generally recommended to give your garden three layers for an excellent look while keeping things relatively simple. One basic rule is to keep all tall flowers and plants at the back of the space for a garden that winds up sloping towards the front, instead of away from you, and to additionally make the back rows face north. You can get tips from your local garden center on the best plant types to purchase for creating a specific effect, bearing in mind that you might be getting baby plants that have yet to reach their full heights. It might be necessary to go back and change things by replanting various additions to get the perfectly layered look you want, especially if the front or middle rows wind up being higher than the rows at the back.

Everyone likes looking at attractive and well-planned gardens and an easy way to create the desired effect is by layering plants in three rows. One of the most important parts of any good landscaping design is layering and this can make a tremendous amount of different in the overall look of your garden, no matter how large or small it may be. While reading this publication if it turns out that you want to learn more about landscaping design, consider visiting

7 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Garden

Gardening is not a straightforward practice. It takes dedication, skills and more than luck to grow veggies and beautiful flowers. While certain facts about gardening are well-known, some are silly, plain fun, and sometimes mind-boggling. Let’s see more about this in a random assortment.


7 Unique Facts About Your Garden (from the Broad Fork tool to Chicken Poop)

  1. Here’s a surprising fact we came across that you probably didn’t know, that is if you have sunflowers planted in your home garden: a single unit of the sunflower is a garden unto itself, only that it’s not a unit but an aggregate of around 3000 flowers! The whorl of this beautiful plant makes up the majority of the bouquet.
  2. A sprinkling of hair is good for your garden! Keeps away ground hogs and other rodents that damage the plants.
  3. Urine is a great deer repellent. Deer can jump over tiny fences in one bound. One way of keeping these adorable yet bothersome creatures away from your home garden is to sprinkle fresh human urine around the edges of your garden being careful that none goes to the plants or it might dehydrate them.
  1. Chicken poop is great for your garden. Owing to the myriad of critters that gestate and feed on the poop, and make for a light snack for the chickens themselves sometimes- these same maggots et al aerate the soil as they burrow into it. Chicken poop also acts as natural manure.
  2. The sun is bad for your garden! That is if you don’t water at the right time, preferably mornings and evenings when the sun is not out there as much. The reason for this is that a mid-morning to midday sun may suck up all the water before it reaches the roots of the plants. You better water your garden at the right time to avoid this.
  3. Soil requires loosening.


The digging is great for your soil in this case. At broadforktool you can find a perfect tool for the purpose – the broadfork. Due to its easy handling and simple design, it is good for the soil because it loosens it up as it digs and also doubles up as a rake when there comes the time to sweep away the weeds.

  1. Household vinegar is an effective weed killer. If you spray weeds as they come up with enough vinegar, they will never come up again, be careful; as with piss, not to get any on the plants or they go the way of the weed themselves.

Read on further into this article for more helpful tips to keeping your garden alive and beautiful.

Other Incredible Gardening Facts: On Rust, Rodents, Harvesting, the Broad Fork tool, and Insect Control


  • Peanut oil is beneficial in fighting back rust during the winter months on your forks and shovels. Coat the handles of your broadfork, then get into the garden for a great day. After work, you will notice that it will be much easier to clean the tools as dirt will not cling to it as much.
  • Rainwater harvesting. Make sure you keep backup water tanks on your prime. The house’s gutter system can then redirect rainwater into the tank. It would be even better if the tank had a tap that can be fed a hose pipe come time to water the garden.
  • How to keep rodents out of your garden. Hare, rabbits, groundhogs moles can all be unwelcome guests in your garden. What these do is they have an annoying tendency of digging out roots and nibbling on them. One solution is to pour cayenne pepper down their holes; if they are burrowers like moles and groundhogs. A shot of pepper to the face of the unsuspecting hog will feel like a canister of tear gas right in the eyeballs. They’ll never bother you again.
  • The broadfork tool is probably the best improvement of the classic shovel. It will save both time and energy, and it will lower the effort on your spine.
  • Toads as insect control. Set out water catchers like pots then wait for the toads to move in. the pots should be kept as shaded as possible, to be habitable. The garden should be well lit at night to enable the toadsters to whip the flies clean off the light bulbs.

Wrapping it up

Gardening can be a great adventure of your own, kind of like The Secret World of Arriety, and when the wildlife starts teeming in it becomes all the more enjoyable. We’ve seen that not all creatures that come tumbling by are necessarily a nuisance, some can work to your advantage. Natural balance can be attained in your backyard, too. It all comes down to knowing how to make use of all the things in your garden.

Selecting The Best CCTV Company

Your home security is very important for protecting you and your loved ones. Your assets and valuables need to be safeguarded too. With the installation of CCTV security cameras you are able to ensure the protection of everything. However, there are some many security cameras available in the market today that it becomes very hard for you to choose the ideal one fit for your home. It is important for you to ensure that you have the best system that meets and matches your needs. Here, you need a good security company to help you in your choice and also protect your home when it comes to robberies and burglaries.

Timothy P.Eckersley

Security expert Timothy P.Eckersley of Allegion- one of the most trusted and popular names in home security in the USA states that when you are looking for the best CCTV company for your home security needs the following are some important points that you should take into consideration:

  • Reputation- It is crucial for you to always bank on a reliable company that has skilled experience in the installation of home security cameras. When you are installing these home security cameras, you will have strangers coming in to your home. It is important for you to select a company that you effectively can trust with your property and valuables. A very good reputation actually renders you the confidence in the quality of the services that you get. Please go through the testimonials and the feedback in order to measure the potential of the company that you are banking on.
  • Services- Besides getting your CCTV home security system installed, it is important for you to consider choosing a company that offers you services like maintenance and the updating of your system. Technology is changing fast and you might need to upgrade the home security system at some point of time. Your company must be in a position to work on this for you. The system also might develop certain issues and it is important for you to check out the above possibilities by looking at the services that have been provided. It is prudent for you to ask the home security company questions before you hire the services.
  • Accreditation: Check the track records and the accreditations of the home security company that deals with CCTV systems. There are valid companies that will always render you with top notch services and other security services. It is important for you to always ask for certificates and licenses.
  • Choose good brands: When you are looking for the best security systems for your home, it is very important for you to always choose a very good brand. This is how you are able to get the best results for your home. You also do not have to spend much on repairs and maintenance.

Therefore, when you are looking for a good home security system, it is important for you to keep the above points in mind. Security expert Timothy P.Eckersley says that this will ensure lifelong protection of your home and family with success!


5 silly mistakes you do while designing home

Our homes have now become the extension of our emotional self. How we feel and what is our lifestyle can very well be judged by the interior designs that we have done inside our homes. For instance: if you are a fun loving person, u may usually have bright and unique things around the interiors of the house.

We all love decorating the interiors of our homes and we like to do it our way but there are some common mistakes that we do while we decorate home interiors. Interior decoration is subjective to our understanding of art and for everyone art has a different meaning. What you might feel is beautiful might not be appreciated by someone else and after all beauty has a different definition for every person.

decorate home interiors

The purpose of me writing this article is not to disparage anyone’s ideas or style. The article shares my views about the interior decoration ground rules that you can follow and they might help you to decorate your house beautifully. But again it is all upon the beholder and one can follow their own ground rules. Here we go with some of the common interior designing mistakes:

  1. Lights: well lights should be used adequately in a room. There should not be too less or too much lighting in the room. Take the size of the room into consideration then think about then think about the purpose that the room will be used for and after that imagine yourself doing activities in that room. All this will give you an exact idea on how much lighting is required in that particular room. Though one should have a ground rule of having not less than two lights in a room and that too at different walls.
  2. Listen only to yourself: though in the decision pertaining to house you might want to take suggestions from your elders and friends but be sure they are just advices and suggestions to you and you should not feel obliged to follow them. I am saying this because we humans have a tendency to play the blame game if things do not turn out according to our liking. So take suggestions but do what you feel is correct.
  3. Size it up: before you start decorating a room be sue you have all the measurements in mind pertaining to that room. This will help you choose perfect sized furniture for that particular room. Measurements matter because if you place small sized furniture in a large room then you might end up ruining everything, and if the furniture is too large then it will restrict the traffic flow in that room.
  4. Match it up: people these days use some of the designs that are totally different from one another and every design then tries to create a space for its own self and this might end up in a fashion disaster. Though I do not mean that it is a bad idea but having matching interiors is a simple an easy way to make the interiors of the house look decent and beautiful.
  5. Do not overdo: in many situations in our lives more is always good for us but in the case of interior designing this can be a silly mistake that will just make you spend more and regret afterward. Think it through and then decide what things you need in a room for decoration, never overdo it or else it will make the room look small and congested.

Protect Your Identity With Protectmyidentity

Protectmyidentity is basically an online platform for the protection from identity theft. The platform has been brought to the public by a company renowned for credit reporting; Experian.

Highlights of the platform:

In order to find the basic highlights of the platform, you will have to read the article. The platform provides you with three different types of surveillance alerts, all of them unique. These are credit alert, internet scan and address change alert. There is also another feature, called the lost wallet feature that can protect you if you end up losing your wallet which has all of your important cards such as a medical card, debit card or credit card.



You are also provided with the ability of covering the children under this plan. Another highlight was the product insurance of a million dollars which will be used to reimburse such funds that are not covered either by credit card companies and different financial institution. One more highlight is the copy of your credit report provided by the company for free.

Protection plans:

Mentioned here are the different plans of protection provided by Protectmyid.

Standard plan:

The standard plan costs $15.95, and you get a number of things in this plan.

Firstly, you get notifications for surveillance alerts. Whenever there is an activity that they think could be the work of identity thieves, you will get an alert via an email or via text. Once you have been informed, you will also be assisted in stopping the damage from increasing when dealing with identity thieves. Your protection is the top priority and the three levels of monitoring prove just that.

Included in this plan is also the lost wallet protection. If someone loses his or her wallet, then he or she could also lose its identity. If you lose your wallet, all you have to do is to call the company and they will help you in cancelling or replacing cards such as the insurance card, credit cards and social security cards.

Child secure:

Children are at a much higher risk of becoming the victims of identity theft as compared to adults. The good thing how ever is that Protectmyid also offers you identity protection for your child or children. This will cost you $6.95 per one month for one child. With this, when they find out that a credit report is open under the name of your child, they will alert you immediately. Minors shouldn’t be having any sort of credit activity until they have applied for a credit card or for loans for college.

Benefits of the internet scan:

There are a number of benefits of the internet scan, some of them which are mentioned below.

The first benefit is the alerts in the case of address change. If the address, which is related to your credit card is altered or changed, then you will receive an alert either through a text or through an email.

The other two benefits are credit alerts and monitoring the online sources, both of which are quite self-explanatory.