Review the best free video editing software today

In this review, Through the market, aGB Review has experienced a number of free video editing and editing software and selected the software that is rated best today.

In general, these software solutions meet the basic requirements of video editing such as: audio mixing, cutting, pasting of video / images, image effects, text effects, extracting files , Flexible online sharing … Each software has its own advantages and disadvantages.

aGB Review

  1. Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker (WLMM) is a freevideo editing software for Windows Vista and Windows 7. This is a free software powerful enough to create quality videos, though not yet comparable to the professional movie editing software that produces HD files like the big Avid Liquid, Adobe Premiere Pro…. but enough for normal use.

The most outstanding feature of the software is its flexibility to output video files in a variety of formats, and it’s quite lightweight, so you do not have to worry about the WLMM. WLMM actually made a big improvement over Windows Movie Maker in Windows XP. In addition to supporting more formats, graphical user-friendly and handy, editing effects are also richer. Image quality is also very high, achieving HD or so.


– Add video and images: Movie Maker and Windows Live Photo Gallery work together so it’s easy to organize and select the photos and videos you want to use in your next video.

– Easy to edit: Add text, transitions, effects … you can change yourself or “ignore” WLMM do this.

– Share online: You can share your movie with others via sites like YouTube, Facebook, Windows Live SkyDrive …..right from Movie Maker.

– Remove background audio from original clip.

WLMM is used for Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems, but does not support those customers who are still using Windows XP.

The minimum hardware to use this software can be roughly equivalent to the configuration requirements for Windows Vista, but Microsoft recommends that users at least use the ATI RADEON 9500 or NVIDIA graphics card. GEFORCE FX 5900.

The main interface of WLMM with the features is clearly divided into 5 cards: Home – Animations – Visual Effects – View – Edit is very intuitive, making video editing more convenient instead of messing with 3-4 sports new to the features you need as before.

Windows Live Movie Maker

The main interface of Windows Live Movie Maker

– The number of movie effects (Visual Effects) that WLMM more and also better than WMM 2.6. When you want to preview an effect, just hover over the effect box and the video will be applied immediately and displayed.

– The transition effects are reduced to 3, which is “Crossfade, Pixelate, Flip”.

In addition, WLMM supports cropping video at predefined timelines instead of manual editing like before. (Of course most of the film processing software now has this feature)

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– The output file has good audio quality with VC-1 (WMV 9) codec and WMA 9 for audio.

– Videos can be uploaded to Youtube right after you finish.

Pinflux review


– WLMM has too few options for output file. It only has default values for 480p, 720p, 1080p … which can not adjust video, audio bitrate. As a result, a 1080p .mkv file has a 6-channel .flac format audio with a bitrate of ~ 6000 kbps after processing and will save it as a 1080p file, but only 2-channel audio with a 192 kbps bitrate.

WLMM does not support the H264 output but only uses its WMV format, not DXVA technology.

Overall: WLMM is a pretty good free app for you to scratch your personal videos. For non-professionals, WLMM is the perfect software at this time, because anyone can finish the clip with attractive presentation effects without much knowledge of the film.


Advantages of using flipbook

The use of flipbooks is a new evolution in the field of digital libraries. It has attracted more and more customers to the digital reading systems by making them more eye-catching and easy to use. Now users can read their favourite on any system they have including Windows and Androids or iOS systems. These systems are operated on tablets, PCs, laptops and cell phones to make the usage more flexible, all thanks to linking text flipbooks. This article will bring to light some of the important advantages that we have by using flipbooks.


Higher flexibility

The level of flexibility in using the flipbooks is a key attraction for the readers. That is why more companies are attracted towards embedding the text links in their digital PDF files. All kinds of files can be easily published on the flipbook. These materials include the magazines, invitations, manuals and other business portfolios. The users can easily turn the pages; enhance its visibility and size, and use multiple other advanced features without any difficulty.

High level of interaction

The level of interaction achieved by using flipbook is much more than the normal files. If you use a simple PDF file, the content is indexed by the Google and makes it more optimised for search. Users can access the file easily. A simple PDF file or printed file can be distributed to a limited number of users but if you have created a digital flipbook it can b spread to infinite users to be read. It is an easy way of gaining more readers for your files.

More impact on reader

The level of effortless interaction and ease provided by flipbook is amazing. Other than the traditional methods you can attach multiple links, files, videos and images to the file that makes much more impact on the reader and provide more information in a better way. The graphics used in the system are eye-catching, and colours range is also huge. The easy availability of any file a reader wants is also an important feature that grabs more attention.

Increased publicity

You do not have to utilise so much money on the marketing efforts, just make an attractive flipbook for your business and make it available for the readers on the web; it will reach to limitless people without much effort. The links used in the content and lead the readers to multiple pages related to your product and business line. It adds up to the publicity level of your business. You can promote our business n much better way than before by saving a lot of money.

These are some of the benefits that can be achieved by using flipbook. Once you start using it, you will realise multiple hidden benefits that create value for your business. It will attract more and more readers each day taking your publicity to sky-high level. The minimal amount of money required for this effort is a key factor. You can also use multiple free online samples to check the benefits.

How to Find your phone

There many ways where one can find the phone. But the best way to find your phone is through android tracking apps. These apps are premium apps and can be purchased easily on the Google market. Many apps have different features that come with a different kind of tracking seriously. Some of them take a screenshot about what phone is doing. Some take front screen photos. Some can access your phone from far away. You can update an android phone platform. But for the remote access, your phone shouldn’t be running the android 3.0 or higher patches. The phone which was lost should be Google connected. The phone can easily be connected to the internet.  As a complicated way, your phone should process all the required described beforehand and tracking app should be installed on the phone itself.  The app can be made online by a random message to the app through the different phone. Now there are different ways if your phone is not connected to the app itself. The connected and registered devices can get apps installed into the phone by performing few different steps on the Google play website. The app process should be very simple and straight forward. It requires only phone connection with the Google account. Theft phone have different criteria we need to be very careful that your phone doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Once disconnected from the Google account there is no chance that you are going to get the phone back.

find your phone

Once the software application is installed on the phone finding your phone is easy now. You have logged on the app website. Once logged in you can do many different tasks that help you identify the phone location in case of missing or theft. The owner can read the latest message received on the phone. If this is a theft case you can know whom thief is communicating with. The owner can remotely run the alarm on the phone which would have high-frequency sound with flashy screen and flashlight flashing. This app also helps to get the location of the phone through bumping the signals. Location can be based on the different measurements. The App can do a most important task that removes the data in the card. This can help save a lot of data that can do loads of damage to the person. Remote access can also take pictures of the person who using the phone front camera. Although taking picture timing and position is required. The app can get your phone locked and unlocked. But this can be restored with a factory restore. A factory restore resets everything. Such apps get deleted easily as they are installed not the part of the android main platform. The plus point of the app is that it can guarantee both SD and internal storage wipe out. The data is completely safe. It can be deleted at any time regardless of the owner location through the website.


Do Scooters Pollute More Than Cars?

Many people are of the somewhat popular yet presumptuous notion that scooters give off as much smog as your average car. Well, while that might not be too much of a stretch seeing as many older model (2-stroke) scooters do chug out significant amounts of CO2 and NO2 gas, but that said, the underlying question still remains: are scooters just as bad to the environment as cars are?


This article will seek to lift that smog cloud and maybe shed some light on that topic.

Two-stroke vs. Four-stroke


Many two-stroke models have oil as a catalyst to reduce CO2 and NO2 emissions. Environmentally friendly alternatives from PropaneScooters are still winning ground, but many scooters out there still use typical 20th-century technology. Speaking of catalysts, what that means is that it kind of acts like the catalytic converters in many car engines; basically what that does is that converts harmful emissions like CO2 gas and others into less harmful. Groovy, right? Well, the simmer down to that would be that due to the simple nature of many scooter engines fitting in that kind of gadgetry without compromising a bit of the overall integrity is a bit of a yarn. Besides all that and still have it priced at a crisp $1200 – $1600. The math is simple.

Bad news if the two-stroke scooter doesn’t have a catalyst. Science shows that such a model can pollute as much as a normal car.

The “two-stroke” question

Oil is used in many two-stroke engines to check the exhaust; it works by holding back most of it before it comes out of the exhaust. To save face some famous brands have come up with ways of controlling this, take Honda for example, they have a scooter that adds extra air into the exhaust to reduce the amount of CO2 escaping onto the breathable O2 in the atmosphere.

This is good in that it increases the oxygen molecules of the carbon as to make carbon dioxide and not produce its more noxious cousin carbon monoxide.

Four-stroke engines sadly are by far the worst pollutants in the scooter family. For obvious reasons of course; praised by vintage motorcycle fans as being something of a gem for collectors. Here prestige will want to take a backseat, at least, so that much more pressing issues like climate change can be addressed.

To answer the question as to whether scooters damage the environment more that would be a resounding no, in part because all scooters combined may produce about a third of what is normally discharged by personal cars and heavier commercial vehicles put together, so, the damage is minimal which may come as a relief to you our reader if you happen to own a scooter.

What are the alternatives?


Electric scooters are some of the fanciest inventions of the 20th century, and the modern models are definitely worth riding. However, the autonomy can sometimes be low and the number of hours they require in order to be recharged can force some people to choose propane scooters. These scooters are fitted with a propane powered engine that reduces emissions almost down to the zero percentiles. This is accomplished by propane’s ranges: 68-102 in octane level. With this, you get more mileage, less or no pollution at all, plus it’s very lightweight which makes it easier for travelling.


Let’s hear the conclusion of it, as to whether scooters emit more harmful waste: the answer would be not as much combined than many of the cars around. But if you insist on having one then it would be advisable to check out some of the models of electric scooters on the market – that is if you don’t mind the long battery charge stops you’ll have to make along the way. Otherwise, propane scooters should do the trick and they allow you to travel faster without needed to recharge – and without polluting the environment.

Alternatively, if you’re content with two-strokes that you currently own no need to put that away yet, we’ve seen that two strokes and all scooters, in general, have bagged it when it comes to emitting lower volumes of smog because they consume less fuel as an advantage. As much as it is important we improve on existing forms of mobility we should also try and make it as friendly to the environment as possible, it’s great to see that many companies are coming up with products that address these rising concerns.

Hire the best Minneapolis WordPress designer for CMS of the websites

Are you in search of the best Minneapolis WordPress designer for the proper content management of your websites? Yes! You may need it for the perfect content management of your business websites. Tim Brown, the best digital designer in Minneapolis, is serving the people in a premium way.


Some people may wonder why one should choose WordPress but not the other content management systems? Other content management systems may have some similar functionalities with WordPress, but some glaring differences make the WordPress the best choice for you.

Other content management systems vs. WordPress:

  • The most attracting factor is cost:

The first and the foremost thing that attracts the majority of clients to use the WordPress for content management is the Cost. Everyone will prefer the best thing at the reasonable price, so WordPress is the best choice for the content management especially for your business websites. It doesn’t require any license. The WordPress is open source. The proprietary system will merely charge on themonthly or yearly basis. You can easily find the best WordPress developers like in Minneapolis; Tim Brown is the best choice for you. The best services are offered at competitive prices.

  • It offer Portability:

None of many other content management systems, WordPress is portable. There are two main things that define its portability. The first one has already mentioned above that it is open source. The second reason is that it is built on a broadly supported platform of MySQL and PHP. Being portable, it can be hosted merely about everywhere.

Like some other content management systems, it has no agreements that trouble you for getting out of it. It is not fixed with some proprietary system or any package that compel you to stick to the same agreement.

  • It offers flexibility:

WordPress offers you the flexibility in two ways. The facility of plug-ins offers you the flexibility. There are loads of plug-ins for WordPress. Most of the time, you come across the one exact according to your needs.

The second option is that some experienced and quality developers will always be there for you to serve you according to your needs. If you are unable to find a plug-in that best fits your requirements, you will always have the option for the development of custom functionalities by the best WordPress developers.

Tim Brown promises you that there is no customized plan that he is unable to understand. The statement is proven valid because of the experience and expertise.

  • It offers Longevity:

WordPress offers prolonged existence as well as durability. It is always seen that the major problem with the number of content management systems is that it requires huge efforts for updating the newer version. It is the main annoyance in other content management systems. WordPress makes you tension free for this too. It doesn’t require huge efforts instead it makes you available with the simple ways to update.

A Quick Guide to Freelance Graphic Design Jobs for Freelancers

Freelancing is a great opportunity for those who don’t want to do a 9-5 job and who want to have full freedom over their work schedule. If you are also interested in working as a freelancer, there are many fields that would be a good option for you, such as graphic designing. Graphic designing is a popular and highly lucrative profession. Graphic designers, whether they are beginners or experts, may never find it difficult to land a good paying job. This is mainly because of the huge demand of skilled graphic designers. If you are also a graphic designer and you are interested in freelancing, there are many great freelance graphic design jobs at your disposal. Let’s have a look at why you should work as a freelance graphic designer and what is the scope of freelancing in graphic designing field.


Reasons to Work as a Freelance Graphic Designer

There are many great benefits of working as a freelance graphic designer. Here are some top benefits.
Stress-free Job – one of the best advantages of working as a freelance graphic designer is that you can work without stress. This is mainly because you will be working as a freelancer on individual projects. This means that you will be able to avoid workplace politics and other problems, such as strict scheduling. This will allow you to keep your focus more on delivering high quality service.

Save Money and Time – you will be working from home, which means that you will be able to save money and also time on commute. Besides this, you will not have to wear office clothes everyday while you are working, so you will save a lot of money that you can spend on other important things in your life.

Choose Your Work Hours – you will have full freedom over how many hours per day or per project you would want to work. In fact, most freelancers choose to work as freelancers just because of the freedom to choose their own working hours.

Creativity Freedom – Many employers give full creativity freedom to freelance graphic designers. There could be various reasons for that, such as they may not have any idea of what they are looking for or they may be looking for something unique and new. This simply means that you would be able to use your creativity which will help you polish your graphic design skills and use the full potential. To know More at:

Scope of Working as a Freelance Graphic Designer
Most graphic designers work from home. This is mainly because this field is very lucrative and any good graphic designer can start up their own graphic design business with just a computer and internet connection. Due to the huge demand of graphic designers, there is never shortage of good graphic design jobs. This simply means that whether you are considering working from home as a freelancer or you are working full-time, you will be able to find a good paying without any problem.

Best home espresso machine- all you need to know!

Brew your own espresso!

Now who doesn’t love a good cup of your favorite espresso in the morning? However with the busy schedule that one has it becomes almost impossible for one to visit their favorite coffee shop regularly in the morning. Now you can make yourself some espresso but for that you will be requiring the right equipment! If you wish to drink your favorite espresso, whenever you want, well then for this you will need to get yourself best home espresso machine! This way you can make yourself a cup of hot steaming coffee whenever you like! This Italian drink requires pressurized water and ground coffee plus you also need to filter in order to make your coffee of the right consistency! However in order right features you require the right machine, here are some machines that you could opt for!

Best Home Espresso Machine

Some options for you:

When brewing up some espresso, ground coffee hardly matters as long as you will right machine you are good to go! One of the best espresso machines includes the Breville BES870XL, grounding coffee beans every single time can be quite troublesome however when your kitchen is equipped with the Breville BES870XL, you have nothing to worry! This machine includes a burr grinder, all you have to do is just press a few buttons and the rest is handled by the machine itself. This is the best home espresso machine as it adjusts the temperature of the water automatically so that you are able to enjoy the perfect cup of espresso! DeLonghi EC 702 Pump Espresso Maker is another amazing option as includes thermostats for heating and makes the frothiest espressos and lattes! Breville 800ESXL is another one, this includes a feature which makes sure that your coffee isn’t too hot so that you don’t burn your tongue! Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine is not only cheap but also you will option of making two cups of espresso one as well! Delonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine allows you to make the frothiest cup of espresso ever you no longer need to visit your local coffee shop anymore!

A lot more choices:

With this Maker you can use pods as well as ground coffee and can make different kinds of coffees! Everyone has their own favorites some prefer black coffee others opt for lattes. Well to make the creamiest coffee ever you need Breville ESP8XL Café Roma Espresso Maker! Perfect for your kitchen! The espresso machine is the machine which allows you to brew yourself the richest espresso ever! You can use the frothing wand and make your lattes the frothiest! Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker, Mr. Coffee ECMP50 Home Espresso Machine, De’Longhi EC680 Dedica 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine, KRUPS XP1000 Steam which and lastly Mr. Coffee BVMC-EL1 Cafe Latte are amongst the best options for you to choose from! All these machines are amongst the best ones that are available in the market, not only do they include all the right features need to brew the perfect espresso but also they are very cheap and easy to handle!

The Reviewers

The World has been going live more than anything in the world. Now you would ask what is meant by the going life. The going life means you are online on the internet. By the world online I mean that some person you are talking is actually able to see you. That seeing you is actually means of connecting you through some client using high-speed internet. Now that I have said that high-speed internet it doesn’t means that you actually require a net that is so high that you can transmit your video through it. Coming to the point let me ask you  a question if you are reading this article that means you really want to have a camera that is going to make you visible to the world. The camera now could of many different types means the different strategy of viewing things. So let’s give you a brief knowledge of what is an HD camera.


HD Camera

I am going to make it clear what is meaning of the HD. HD means high definition that means your resolution higher or equivalent to seven twenty pixels. Still there are no standard sets for the high definition and high resolution because the world is evolving at the constant speed. Evolving things mean more increase in high resolution and high pixels. While when we talk about pixels that means seven twenty horizontal lines and seven twenty vertical lines. These are not normal  rates of the picture. These horizontal and vertical lines that are equivalent what is required to be the high definition. So this is all that is stored in the high definition. Obviously, if you are purchasing a camera you should know all about this because this matters if you are deciding to buy a camera for some dollars. While you still need to learn some techniques to how to shoot a movie and camera positioning does matters mostly.


Why I have mentioned this heading you probably would be thinking about this. This is because that I wanted you to check such completely related to the review of a camera if you are in need of one. This company specializes in reviewing about the camera and their types. For example, if you  are in need of a camera that needs to be a 4k quality that is going to be needing to much money you should that where you are investing your money. This company has almost over fifty reviews about 4k quality cameras. They are not only reviews they tell you about what model is best in such money and what model is awful in such money. Their dashboard exceeds in telling you latest news trust me they are faster most of the casual earning sites that are just attracting traffic to their website for the sake of the money. This company has been there long enough that I a critic accept their work in this field and tell about them to other people.

Faxing through the internet

As the world of changing the number of different kind of the technologies are invented every day and every day a new thing comes to the scene. One of such thing which amazed the whole world is the internet faxing. By using this features you can easily fax anyone anywhere around the world within no time. As it is aneasy and continent process so that everyone is willing to go towards it. It makes the faxing more easily and connect the people around the world in the more fast way.

internet faxing today

Easiest way of Faxing:

It is an easy way to send and receive the internet fax from any company or organizations that fax may include any secret document or anything other which you may not be able to disclose in any case. It will no doubt reduces the cost of many items just like the cost of the paper, toner and ink kind of things also reduces the time too. It will make your communication more effective and best. People are shifting towards this trend because of privacy reasons too. It will no doubt eradicate the effect of the paper jams many other system problems or you can say extra effect. You can send the fax from any place and it will receive to other person standing on the other corner of the world within no time.

Online fax can reduce the human efforts. It will reduce the money cost also no software is required for it. Some of the official site just like the will do to job to send the online faxes to any place within no time for you. They are giving their service on the peak of the abilities and also have the many offices around the world and also attends your calls, gives you the support emailing them or chat them anytime in a day through internet faxing.

Some of the best features of them are discussed below. You will have a multi-task performing system with the access of any kind of editing of the document, organizing the e-faxes and also the storage of the plenty of data through internet faxing. Services:

Online faxes will provides you the easiness in many ways including the following things:

  • The Custom Cover Pages
  • Always send multiple recipients
  • The Auto archive
  • Also Auto scheduling
  • The Barcode Routing
  • Also Free local fax number
  • The Online address book
  • The Auto Resend


No doubt this will create easiness for you and will make your work more effective and worthy. There are several advantages of it:

  • Also the paperless communication
  • Has a the ability to store the faxes online with high security
  • Like no additional kind of hardware or any kind of additional software is not requires.
  • It has the ability to send the and receive the faxes from any location in the world
  • Send & receive faxes from tablets, smart devices, and mobile phones.
  • Also has the ability to the send and receive multiple faxes
  • lower costs than traditional fax
  • No telephone line is required.

How to Setup a CDN to Speed up Your Website

CDN is the abbreviation of Content Delivery Network used to provide the desired traffic to your websites. Content Delivery Network is the best thing to promote your static content of the site and then the users will reach it.

CDN to Speed up Your Website

How CDN Works:

Suppose you are living here in Pakistan, and the content on your site is mostly pictures and the video, you are willing to make them popular around the selected region and part of the world then you have to do the CDN by, By Space can which will provide you the required amount of traffic on the required tariff. As firstly you have to tell about the amount of your monthly traffic currently so that they make a perfect plan for you to host your contents then you have to pay them, and they will provide you the required amount of traffic within given time in the given region by Network. Now here the question arises is it CDN means that if I upload something, it will go to people automatically?

The answer is simple “Not really, but close. All static content on your website will be delivered via CDN nodes and the closest node to theuser will be used which will ensure maximum speed possible.”

CDN is Server-Based Setup:

Suppose my physical server is present in Pakistan then now all users get static content from Pakistan. It is good for Pakistan users, but if user resides in, let me say, the USA, your website will be loading much more slowly.CDN is a network of servers.

The static content is cached on the closest node to theuser, and then user’s frequency will match to this and user access that content so in this way it will speed up the traffic on your setup within no time. That will prove to be the best thing for you and your site, if you are hosting the site of your company then it will increase the rating of your company. Does It depend on what you needFirst of all, what is the target audience of your website geographically wise?

Let’ssuppose my target to promote my content is Asia Then you will need the global premium Edge cast service by spaced. It has the best coverage in Asia.

Tariff by spaced for CDN:

Well, the more traffic you have, the smaller the prices per Mbps or TB will be. They make discounts if your traffic is significant/. If you have no more than 2 TB of traffic per month, the tariff will be 0, 1 USD per 1 GB of premium Edge cast traffic. Starting from 2 TB, we can make discounts.

Also, the monthly payment cannot be less than 5 USD. We will be prepared to give free time for tests. Let me say, April for free, but to approve it, we need to know your monthly amount of traffic.


CDN is proving to be the best for getting traffic on your site as it sent the static content automatically to the user via nodes which are present in the different locations.