Get an Insight into Safety Helmet for Football Players

Playing any sports do come with a danger of severe injuries due to the imbalance or being tackled by the opponent’s team in the game. This may sometimes result in life-long severe injuries that become incurable sometimes and the worst is the injured player has to leave the sports. In this regard, it is mandatory for the organizers to provide the best sports equipments and gears for the players so they do not face any severe injury. In the game of football, helmet is an important sports gear as most of the players face severe head injuries only.Jon Bunge, an avid fan of Cleveland Browns states that the players should be provided with modern headgears by replacing the old ones.


Necessity of Innovative Sports Gears

There is a wider necessity of getting the modern sports gears for the Football players as it involves maximum hitting and tackling situations from both the teams. The focus of the game is getting the goal done at any cost but in reality, it may sometimes cost the players maximum injuries and that too on their head. The usual helmets that were used in the yesteryears were soft leather made helmets used during the year 1920 but in the year 1970 they used hard plastic helmets that are also used in present time. Therefore, it calls for an innovation and a big change as to protect the players from severe head injuries. Here are some of the points that can be focused:

  • VICIS is a company in situated in Seattle that has come forward with a unique concept of changing the structure of helmet worn by the players by making it of four protective layers and is named Zero1.
  • The protective four layers of the helmet work in a great way as the outer layer absorb the shock. The layer of polymer that moves in multiple directions reduces the force and then there is a hard inner shell that can be used for preventing brain bleeds and fractures. The last layer is of memory foam to provide comfort.
  • The experts made this helmet from the VICIS Company and their main motive is to keep the blow of the Football low on the players head as helmet has to take the major blow and in return should not be damaged. This helmet is slightly heavier than the presently used helmets by the players in the game of football.

Positive Impact on the Players

According to Jon Bunge, this modernized helmet will have a positive impact on the players as they can now be saved from the severe head injuries or the concussions. This will also help to minimize any effect on the player’s brain and they can stay strong and fit. Even the company is thinking to introduce the helmet in the market for public and kids at an affordable price because as for now, the helmet is only provided to the pro and the college team players.

Lastly, it can be seen that with the help of this modern safety helmet the players can now play well without facing any kind of severe injuries.

Do R-Truth needs a little push he deserves to get his career back on the top

Description: want to know about do R-truth needs a little push he deserves to get his career back on the top? Here you will find all the relevant information to your doubts and queries about him.


R-truth was born on January 19, 1972 and made his in ring debut in 1997. He is a professional wrestler and a rapper as well. He is currently signed with the WWE monday night raw . Ever since he made his return in the entertainment circle his career hasn’t been good as it was on the other wrestling companies. He has done quite very innovative things to entertain everyone. But his wrestling abilities are not to be underestimating at any cost. He had some great feuds with some of the top superstars like john CENA, and the rock. Put three times in the championship contention. Where he has proved his importance to the company, during his career he has made so many great alliances and enemies as well. The company has made is character only suitable for the mid-card superstars. It seems that his career on TNA (total nonstop action) wasn’t very fortune enough to get the right push he certainly deserves. That is why his role in the company is very important to continue until they find any suitable replacement for him.


  • What he has accomplished in the WWE?

1) He has been one time United States champion

2) Two times hardcore champion

3) One time WWE tag team champion

4) Headlined many major PPV events of the company like (summer slam, wrestle mania, money in the bank) and many more at

5) put in the championship contention for three times

  • Why fans love him so much?

Apart from wrestling he also raps in the ring, that fan’s likes so much about him. The way he gets connected with them and how they cheer for him is very awesome to see. His entrance theme called WHAT’s UP is becoming very popular and how he switch to the characters by adapting funny person as and gimmicks is quite entertaining as well. That is why fans loves him so much and want to see him how much he will do in the company in the coming years.

  • What about his current status in the company?

Right now he has been signed to record a song with the WWE studios. But he will certainly return in the next major
monday night raw live PPV Fastlane 2016.