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The Guardian Advantages
The Smallest Condenser in the Industry

No dealer programs.
Just great products at very low prices.

Model #GCGD36S21S1H
The Micro - Mini Condenser Line
  • 1.0 thru 3.0 = 23.5" x 23.5" Footprint
  • 3.5 thru 5.0 = 29" x 29" Footprint
  • 13 SEER Does Not Require a TXV

The Guardian Advantage (R22)

Small size, small price.

Guardian Microchannel Model #GCGD36S21S1H weighs only 160 lbs. and requires a 24" x 24" condenser pad. Competitor's model weighs 172 lbs. and requires a 32" x 32" condenser pad

Get the US Air Advantage With New Microchannel Units

  • Less weight makes it easier to install, saving time and expense
  • Does not require TXV coil to get 13 SEER
  • Diamond guard coil protection virtually eliminates unsightly coil damage
  • Microchannel corrosion-resistant coil, perfect for coastal applications
  • Fits through gates and in side yards
  • More attractive, compact features
  • Same or better sound levels than competitors
  • See how easy it is to repair a MicroChannel coil.
    Microchannel Coil comparison to other coils