How to Choose a Great Twin Gear Juicer

Are you in need of answers while looking for a great quality juicer? Keep reading, the information that we’ve gathered will surely help you make up your mind. Choosing a quality juicer takes time and sometimes you need to sacrifice a few bucks to test a few types before you find the right one, but this guide is supposed to help you choose smarter.

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A Twin Gear Juicer Is The Way To Go! But Why?

The overwhelming number of options will have even the most technologically savvy scratching their heads. Centrifugal, Horizontal, Vertical, Twin Gear, Col Press… how and why is there such a great range of machines to choose from?

What you have to know is that not all juicers are the same and it all comes down to the amount of juice they’re able to produce from your ingredients and more importantly, the quality of the final product that will end up in your glass.

If you’re looking for the best type there is, definitely consider investing in a Twin Gear Juicer. Compared to the regular types of juicers that you have been probably conditioned to use, these are famous on this market because of the following facts:

  • These juicers are renowned for producing high-quality juice that is full of nutrients.
  • They are able to make little to no oxidation of the juice for low speeds.
  • Low speeds which equate decreased noise levels.
  • You can juice leafy greens and juicy vegetables without any problem.

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What About The Benefits Of Juicing With Triturating Juicers?

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Juicing is a great alternative to full meals, if done correctly. The fresh fruit and even vegetables in the case of triturating juicers will provide the micro- and macronutrients in a liquid form that is guaranteed to quickly be absorbed and not load up your gastrointestinal system. This boosts up your metabolism and raises your energy levels without the common post-meal sluggishness, tiredness. All of this in the quickest amount of time. How about that for convenience?

We know this may sound too good to be true so here are more sources that endorse the adoption of a juice extractor in our day to day lives in the form of triturating juicers.

Things To Look At When Choosing a Twin Gear Juicer

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  • Versatile – it has to be able to juice many types of produce including wheatgrass, alfalfa sprouts, leafy greens, fibrous veggies (ginger, celery), apples and other fruits with much ease.
  • The pressure of the interlocking gears has to be high.
  • Should produce a dry pulp and high juice yield.
  • It should be turned into a bread stick, pasta, rice cookie maker, grinder, mincer.
  • Should be fairly silent due to the extremely low speed of the juicing process (triturating).

Furthermore, because of its unique capacity of producing juice from almost all types of fruits, vegetable, nuts, the twin gear juicer could be used, through specific recipes and proper nutritionist guidance, to special types of juice extracts such as nuts, vegetables and even the most unimaginable type of fruit.


Although the market is saturated with juicers that produce the final product through plenty of different mechanisms, if it is quality that you are looking for, you can achieve it without the loss of important elements previously mentioned, all of these through the form of a twin gear juicer.

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