How to Find your phone

There many ways where one can find the phone. But the best way to find your phone is through android tracking apps. These apps are premium apps and can be purchased easily on the Google market. Many apps have different features that come with a different kind of tracking seriously. Some of them take a screenshot about what phone is doing. Some take front screen photos. Some can access your phone from far away. You can update an android phone platform. But for the remote access, your phone shouldn’t be running the android 3.0 or higher patches. The phone which was lost should be Google connected. The phone can easily be connected to the internet.  As a complicated way, your phone should process all the required described beforehand and tracking app should be installed on the phone itself.  The app can be made online by a random message to the app through the different phone. Now there are different ways if your phone is not connected to the app itself. The connected and registered devices can get apps installed into the phone by performing few different steps on the Google play website. The app process should be very simple and straight forward. It requires only phone connection with the Google account. Theft phone have different criteria we need to be very careful that your phone doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Once disconnected from the Google account there is no chance that you are going to get the phone back.

find your phone

Once the software application is installed on the phone finding your phone is easy now. You have logged on the app website. Once logged in you can do many different tasks that help you identify the phone location in case of missing or theft. The owner can read the latest message received on the phone. If this is a theft case you can know whom thief is communicating with. The owner can remotely run the alarm on the phone which would have high-frequency sound with flashy screen and flashlight flashing. This app also helps to get the location of the phone through bumping the signals. Location can be based on the different measurements. The App can do a most important task that removes the data in the card. This can help save a lot of data that can do loads of damage to the person. Remote access can also take pictures of the person who using the phone front camera. Although taking picture timing and position is required. The app can get your phone locked and unlocked. But this can be restored with a factory restore. A factory restore resets everything. Such apps get deleted easily as they are installed not the part of the android main platform. The plus point of the app is that it can guarantee both SD and internal storage wipe out. The data is completely safe. It can be deleted at any time regardless of the owner location through the website.


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