Top 5 Best Designs Silk Jewelry Pouches

Silk jewelry pouches have become extremely popular among the women of today. They have in fact made a fashion statement of their own. They are a beautiful accessory for parties or weddings. They are also ideal for traveling since you can carry your jewelry safely. They have the elegance of great civilizations when wealth was tangible to be carried around instead be deposited in portfolios. Adding to the elegance is the functionality that offers a sleek and practical way of carrying jewelry from one place to another.

Silk jewelry pouches come in varied designs and colors giving women the opportunity to match them as per their choice. They come in different types and may be used accordingly for different purposes. The top 5 best designs of silk jewelry pouches are mentioned below:


  1. Drawstring jewelry pouches: These pouches have a drawstring enclosure that easily opens and closes securely. It is a quick and convenient way of carrying jewelry. The drawstring can hang on your wrist and you are ready to go. This separate pouch placed in your purse or handbag ensures that your jewelry is separate from makeup, car keys, phone and other things.
  2. Center compartment jewelry pouches: These types of pouches have a large compartment in the center and are ideal to accommodate your bracelets and necklaces. They also have smaller compartments or pockets, usually eight in number, that are used to hold earrings and rings. Such a pouch may be used to organize jewelry for a complete week. This arrangement is suitable for those who travel often.
  3. Jewelry gift pouches: Silk jewelry gift pouches are small in size and used as coin purses or gift bags. They are ideal for use as party favors. These may have a zip on top or a loop closure to ensure the safety of the item within. Such gift pouches come in attractive colors and designs with a bow on top to make them suitable for gifting.
  4. Jewelry purses: These types of jewelry pouches have embroidered floral patterns with a nice trim around their corners. They have a zipper and a snap-on button for closures. These jewelry pouches come in colors and designs that can be matched with your outfits. Black is a suitable color to match most of your outfits, however with an evening gown, shades of light blue or light green are ideal. They can also be carried as a purse with other items of use.
  5. Extra large pouches: These pouches are extremely large in size and are usually used to organize all your jewelry in the cupboard. These pouches may not be suitable for travel due to their size but they ensure that your jewelry is protected and does not wear and tear easily. They keep all your jewelry items in one place, so that your priced possessions are not misplaced.

The need to dig around your purse or drawer to find matching earrings is buried away when you start using silk jewelry pouches to store your jewelry made by Stories of Silver & Silk. This way all your pieces are organized and you can find them instantly without any hassle.

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